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01-02-2014, 11:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Lionel Mandrake View Post
While it's true our place in the standings is good, nobody should ignore the fact this team has more or less been outplayed since the back to backs against NJ. It stands to reason that if the team cannot get back into a groove they are bound to collapse and free fall in the standings. The only thing keeping them afloat right now is Carey Price. We are getting killed in the possession game and we can't defy the odds forever. Right now we're one of the worst ES teams in the league, this cannot be minimized, those teams usually get massacred in the playoffs.

There is still lots of time to turn this thing around mind you but we're seeing some worrying signs from this team, the most important to me being the Jekyll and Hyde personality. The fact we deviate so often from the game plan, lose focus, panic and get completely dominated is a concern. All of this for a team that was ridiculously healthy for that stretch of bad play.

I don't think Therrien is getting canned unless we get in a position to miss the playoffs entirely, but something has to happen right now, most likely a shake up trade, because there are no signs of a turnaround. Maybe getting that missing scoring RWer would be enough to jump start this team back to life.
Exactly right. One month of totally uninspired play, and this while they're healthy!

Everything we're seeing -- the mental errors, the late-game collapses, the unwillingness to battle, the sloppy passing -- screams of a massive psychological letdown. It's not the system or the forward lines, it's doubt and lack of confidence. It looks very similar to what we saw at the end of Jacques Martin's tenure, when the Habs lost game after game in the 3rd period because they kept retreating into a defensive shell. It's unsustainable, both from a win perspective and from a personnel perspective.

Maybe I'm wrong, maybe it's just mid-season fatigue, the same December slump we see so often with this team. Maybe they'll pull out of it. But it's just as likely that there are some unhappy campers in the locker room and a shakeup is coming. I'm just waiting for someone to open their mouths, a-la Cammalleri two years ago.

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