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01-27-2004, 08:45 PM
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Good Lord, where to begin? AND I'm just back from the dentist and feeling cranky!

But, can anyone honestly say that AT THE TIME, when he acquired guys like PBure,BHolik,ELindros,MDunham,DKasparitis,BMironov ,VMahlakov,GDevries,TPoti,ACarter,AKovalev and now JJagr, they seemed like bad
You're a newbie and so I won't tear into you on this. I'll only suggest that you do some research before you begin telling others what they were thinking at any given time. Had you been on this forum when many of these deals were made, you would know better than to make the statement you just made.

who exactly has Sather traded or given up, that has turned out to be anything PBrendl??...your kidding right?....RFata??...ummm..think not.....KJohnsson?...not bad.....TKlouchek?....still waiting on him.
As Melnyk said, the value they have now has no relation to the value they had at the time they were dealt. All those players had good value and Sather chose to spend that value on players who were older and/or had histories of devastating injuries. Rather than use Brendl to acquire an injury-riddled Eric Lindros, why not spend him to get a draft pick or a prospect? If Sather didn't believe in him as a prospect, that's fine, and history may even have proven him correct. But then for once replace him with another prospect instead of another former star. This is Sather's failed philosophy and the product of that philosophy is the mediocrity you see on the ice.

Sather has done everything he could do as a GM to try and get us to be winners
Uh-huh. And can you name me a single GM who tried everything he could to get his team to be losers? Like any other GM, Glen Sather's intent is not the issue; all GM's intend the same, to win a Cup. If GMs were judged on their intent, none would be fired because incompetent or not they all mean well. Glen Sather must be judged on his success or failure at building a team and an organization.

I guess what I'm suggesting is Sather the GM should stay and Sather the coach should does that sound??
Well to me personally it sounds rather similar to the ninth circle of Hell wherein Satan chews off the heads of traitors and the punished only regenerate them in order to suffer yet again.

Also, just curious, a question for all you Sather bashers out there who want him gone: Who exactly is out there in NHL land that you feel would be better suited than Sather-the GM, to head the ... So before you guys begin the "Sather must go" routine again, maybe you should think about who exactly do you want to replace him.
There's already a whoooole thread on this. You'll find plenty of worthy candidates listed, so as you can see we really have thought this out a little bit.

Thinking is what we do while we wait, eh Servo?

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