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Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
But getting back to why Zuccarello is playing so well, you can expand it to a critical question about the team going forward. Can they win with the more open style of play?

The entire point I am trying to touch upon is when you pack a roster with one-dimensional players, the scope of who is playing well vs. who is not is always going to be contingent on Sather's newest flavor of the week when it comes to the team philosophy.
Good question, unfortunately i dont have the answer. Why i said it probably suited Zuke better (and it being more "open"), was because under AV he gets some more chances to utilize his creativity. They try to do a proper setup while transitioning up the ice, not just cross the red line and hammer it into the corner. Torts system was very inflexible (maybe rigid is a better word ?) by comparison.

There are both advantages and disadvantages to a rigid system. The advantage is that everyone on the ice knows precisely what they should be doing, what exact spot they are supposed to be at, and so on. The disadvantage is of course that it absolutely kills creativity and "free thinking" in general. Torts didnt have 5 hockey players out there as much as 5 automatons (well, it felt like it at times, hehe).

The rigid system offers advantages such as;
1. Hockey IQ (or even normal IQ) is generally not a factor.. if you can tie your own skates and take instructions, you can play in Torts system.
2. In that vein, switching players out was less of an issue, as long as they are clear on what exactly their job is within that system.

The danger with such a system is that if the opponent figures you out, you are toast (hi Bruins).

The Rangers as they are now, are still mostly a "Torts" team, with most players signed because of their usability in his system.

Even half a season in, some seem to struggle quite a lot with the switch in play style. But i do hope that its temporary... its just taking (much) longer than expected to adjust. But i have faith in them

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