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Originally Posted by 3Fs View Post
Reason they are here is to balance things out. If we just had all skilled players, other teams would just beat the snot out of us. Then we all would be crying how we have no toughness and are just a bunch of skilled school kids with no heart. you remember the good old days when Shawn Antoski was the only tough guy we had and a middle weight at that. He was getting the crap kicked out of himself and dudes knuckles were so messed up from fighting sticking up for his teammates, he couldnt hold a stick right. Do you remember those days of us getting pushed around like a bunch of rag dolls...I dont want that again..Just saying.
Thank you for bringing some common sense to this thread ! We have folks who want Rosehill gone, Harts gone, Zac gone etc...........All for a sexy skating team with no real muscle, brawn, and a tough hard edge that is more important than many of the new age timid type fans on here realize !
There was an old slogan we had on our uniform patches back when i worked the SR-71 at Beale AFB back in the late 70s.......PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH . We would get our a$$es kicked with out a few gritty guys coach can have in his arsenal when needed....Boston, Kings, etc etc .

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