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01-02-2014, 06:28 PM
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Originally Posted by SKS View Post
Not at all meant as a bash here, but why do you reckon he is a .5 player? A curious question in all seriousness.

First of all, his entire tenure is hardly more than his season so far.
It was with mostly 3rd and 4th line minutes and line mates.
It was in a system you do not think he fitted.
It was while bouncing up and down back and forth while playing his rookie minutes and still getting used to NA ice.

With this I think the 0.5 was an impressive point pace.

The numbers he is putting up now seems like a much more accurate reflection of his potential. It is the first time he is being utilized properly with a coach who allows him to play. If you add the fact that the team is not producing at all that would lead me to think he could be a 60+ point player, not a fighting for 40 points guy.

Again, I do not intend to argue here, just curious as to why the bar is so low for the guy.
You have to ask yourself why the rest of the team isn't producing much, and the answer, although convoluted, lies with wide open offensively creative hockey not being a strong suit for most of the roster.

And that leads to the question of how long the coaching staff can let that go on as the team languishes at .500. And that leads to the question if Zuccarello can continue to produce like this in a different situation.

I dont know the answers -- but I do know that abandoning team success for guys like Zuccarello and Kreider's individual successes, isn't what Im interested in.

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