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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
Perhaps an example of a player not having enough steam after the Olympics would be appropriate? I can't think of any, can you? You're argument would be a lot better if there examples from prior Olympics where players ran out of steam later in the NHL season. 2010 Blackhawks had a bunch Olympians IIRC. A couple on each of the Conference Finalists that year. Was 2006 any different? Maybe if you could point to something that would support your position besides the fact that is could happen, I'd be more inclined to feel the same way.
Miller. It was widely speculated that he was gassed, either mentally or physically, after the Olympics and into the playoffs.

There's also the trend of teams with long playoff runs often struggling to go anywhere in the playoffs in the following year. That's directly attributed by every media expert (usually former players, yes?) to having those extra games the year before.

If a shortened offseason/extra games before a 3 month break has such a long term effect, surely the travel and extra play of the Olympics would also impact players within the same season.

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