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01-18-2007, 10:47 PM
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Originally Posted by 559 View Post
have your skates always been like that from day one?

it sounds like the boot has just broken down and isn't offering any support. the 500 is an entry-level skate and not very stiff at all.

i wouldn't get the Bauers, the XR-lites are also a price-point skate and wouldn't offer a tremendous amount of support or durability.

i would recommend purchasing a higher end skate, which will support your ankle much better, and last alot longer than a cheaper skate. if the price of a new higher-end skate is a bit too much, you can get really great deals on last year's models on clearance. it's not uncommon for last year's top of the line $450+ skate to be on sale for $200 or less. CCM, Mission, and Tour usually have the best deals on discontinued skates.
I'm not really sure if my skates have been like that from day 1... Can't remember.

Higher end skates are a little out of my price range, but I'll check around for deals. Thanks.

EDIT: Found something, would anybody recommend the Bauer Flexlite 8?

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