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01-02-2014, 11:54 PM
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Originally Posted by RJ8812 View Post
I personally don't even think we offered him that contract because there's no way he would pass it up for the contract he signed with DET
He got offered the contract but he never wanted to go anywhere but Detroit. The minute he was offered it he called Detroit to get negotiations going. Detroit then threw him an offer and he started negotiating with Detroit while toying with Philly to constantly use them in the negotiations. Never came out and said it but his comments after he signed in Detroit ("I never actually wanted to go anywhere else", etc) all reek of someone who was negotiating in bad faith with Philly. Homer and Hextall knew something was up and they even had some choice words after the whole saga because it really backed them into a corner because they just burned Gagne in the media, so that bridge was burned, so they had no where to turn to but internal. Flyers were used as just a tool to get him the contract in Detroit. So whenever you hear "Oh team XYZ has no loyalty to their players!" - many players also have no loyalty to teams. If you remember Cleary was working the media about how great Philly and the Flyers are, yada yada- all bull **** to try and get his lover to come screaming "DON'T LEAVE". And Detroit for some reason did just that.

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