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01-19-2007, 10:09 AM
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Originally Posted by jerseydevil View Post
Stalker is back!! This guy follow the Devils fans around and whines because the Rags can't keep up...Stalker!!! Hey JR, how come you left out 2000?? was that boring? And actually, we're averaging 13, that's a few more than 10..and by the end of the year, we'll average 14,000 like every other year in NJ..nothing has changed..but your rants get funnier. Thanks for stoppping by..again.
I just find it so amusing how you and your little homer biddies go to each and every other teams GDT thread after they play you and actually have the balls to act so suprosed at how dreafully boring the other team finds games vs &^%%$ style of play.

Each and every time you act like it's the 1st time you've heard it which just makes it hysterical.

unlike those like me who despise your style because it is everything anti what hockey is all about,which is all about skating and skill on display and AGRESSIVENESS as opposed to your passive, take no chances, clog up the neutral zone, lul everybody to sleep, PASSIVE, %$^^& style,we at least all admit the effectiveness of "the system" but yet you guys can't accept the fact that it is universally viewed as the least entertaining style in the NHL and you guys are the least entertaining team in the league and maybe all of major sports.

But keep acting so suprised how much everyone despises having to endure the 60 minutes of disgusting hockey vs the Devils.

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