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01-19-2007, 10:21 AM
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Originally Posted by jerseydevil View Post
Wow..that's a lot of cursing..good work.

It's tough to please people when you score the most goals in the NHL, have the most exciting line in hockey (The A line) and you still get called boring. Tough crowd.

Also, we're looking at approx 3/4 of the NHL playing the trap now. Jersey just has the most history and success with playing it.. Especially with the new NHL..the trap will be more prevalent without hooking and holding.
That wasn't alot of cursing.

Teams are trapping now but 3/4 of the NHL? Don't know about that. My guess would be somewhere around half with certain others (Buffalo) slipping into it when they have a lead. Florida and Jersey are the only teams (to me anyway, it's hard at times to pick it up on TV) that play a trap exclusively. Other teams do it, yes, but not all the time. Jersey has been hammered for years for it and the simple reason is they do it better than anyone else. It may win games and Cups but it is far from exciting hockey. But teams do fall into it. Hell, I even saw Ottawa do it this year down here when the Lightning were beating them in the third period. It was more of a 2-3 but it was still a trap. Edmonton plays a left wing lock and it killed Detroit last year but it was some of the most boring hockey I've ever seen. Carolina was much better at breaking it because of their team speed. Detroit was just too old and too far into a season to beat it.

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