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Originally Posted by Rangers Fail View Post
Are you that thick? I said multiple times that that's exactly NOT WHAT I THINK. Brian Boyle backed me up on that too. What is your problem?

I see you enjoy this washed up core that leads us to mediocrity year after year.
Oh, you don't like people misquoting you?

THEN STOP ****ING PUTTING WORDS IN MY MOUTH. You obviously cannot follow my reasoning, you think I like our play this season? I've probably slept less then 3 hrs a night 15 times this season because I have been so pissed after a loss.

The thing is, people won't hand us Cup.

Do you think Yzerman in Tampa will go:
Hey, they deserve one in NY, lets give them the Cup this year.

Or Peter Chiarelli will go:
Oh, the fans in NY really don't like their team this year, we gotta find a way to get them the cup.

I am sorry, newsflash, it don't work like that. I not dumb, I understand the thinking. Deal a vet for prospects and picks, hope to get lucky, regroup and go at it again. I would also be for that option, if I thought we got meaningless odds at succeeding with it if we dealt Girardi and Callahan. Because on the other side of the scale, by dismantling our team, we hurt the current kids and prospects we have. From McD to Kreider, good players are developed on good teams. Good players are destroyed on bad teams. But the thing is, looking at the current market, I just don't sense that this is a year where teams will pay a boat load for a rental. Hence, I don't think the odds really are improving in a meaningful way by dealing them for like "Kyle Palmieri" and a late 1st.

There is 30 teams in this league, you will not automatically improving by "taking a step backwards". More than anything, unless you are "the" team that really takes the most steps backwards of all by a wide margin, history has shown that the worst way to build a team in the NHL is to put yourself just on the outside looking in. We held on too long to Graves and co, its in that environment you really could have dumped 3-4 vets and took a step backwards because we had nothing else. This team has a core even if Dan G and Cally are dealt, Hank, McD, Staal, Hagelin, Stepan and so on and so on. You are at best getting a top 12-14 pick with this team even if you try to dismantle it...

All I am seeing is a bunch of alternatives to take a step backwards. Get a roster player that is a marginal upgrade over Poo and a so-so prospect born in 1996 that might help us in 2018 -- if -- everything turns out alright. Nobody is presenting any meaningful way of moving forward. We could draft a Corey Perry with a 15th overall pick, and we could draft him with a 25th overall pick. Very low odds for either alternative to be honest. We could find a steal in the player we get in return for Girardi, or we could keep Girardi and deal someone else for better value and find the steal that way.

I've numerous times said that I wouldn't hesitate to deal like Cally if we got a meaningful return for him. The thing is, on the current market, I just doubt we would get a meaningful return.

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