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01-03-2014, 01:42 PM
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You make it sound so easy. The draft is one big crap shoot. You just never know how 18 year olds will develop. You might think you know or hope you know, but you never really know. The history of the draft is full of high picks that teams did their due dilgence on that didn't pan out. And that's not even taking injuries into account. Even with excellent scouting and a first class developmental program, many high picks never pan out.

It also works the other way. Look at the Bruins and two unique players, Lucic and Bergeron. Both taken in the second round. Some would give the Bruins high marks for drafting these guys. But the Bruins never thought they would develop as they did, otherwise they would have taken them in the first round. 29 other teams passed on them in the first round and many teams didn't pick them is the second. The Bruins got lucky.

Bottom line in the draft is: You never, ever know. Every team wants to build through the draft. Every team drafts players they hope will excel in the NHL. But it remains one big roulette game.

Given their UFA status I am not adverse to trading Cally or Girardi. But I'm not willing to give them away. The deal must be right. I'm not willing to give up on this season unless we are getting top 10 picks or young proven talent back.

My expectations are realistic for this team: hopefully make the playoffs and win a round. Come April, I want to be in the playoffs.

Having high draft picks is no guarantee of success: look at the Oilers, how many high picks have the Panthers had?

Yes, build through the draft. But you can have 5 picks in the top 10 and still not be successful.

It's not easy, especially when you are drafting kids. Its easier, but still not a sure thing in the NFL or NBA. Just as hard in MLB which requires years of developmental time. But just to say that all we need to do is draft high end players does not guarantee success or winning the Cup.
Couldn't agree more.

There are a few ways to build a cup-winning team in this league. None of them are easy. And taking a half-assed step backwards isn't one of them. Could that make sense anyway? Of course, you always gotta manage your cap. Plan ahead. But on many it seems like odds are that you will get better if you take a step backwards. History shows otherwise. That thinking has been the biggest iceberg in the NHL the last 30 years.

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