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Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
I think the common misconception is that many people feel that those of us who are advocating for a "step back" are basically advocating for a Oilers-esque tank job. That's simply not the case. Yes, the draft is a crap shoot, but by increasing your odds with more picks, you increase the likelihood that you'll land quality talent.

The reality is that championship teams are built through the draft, free agency, and trades. Everything needs to be in balance. There's nothing wrong with landing a high pick this year and then making a shrewd FA signing on July 1st. What matters is that they all build towards the same goal: A championship caliber team that has an identity.

This team has been marred by inconsistency for years now. They're chasing the dream of squeaking into the playoffs once again, and people are lying to themselves if they think this is a team built for the playoffs, or if they think a couple of tweaks is going to turn this into a contender. Taking a risk on draft picks, or a trade of Girardi and / or Callahan is no more risky than signing two aging players to extended contracts. Especially when one is injured at least once per year, and the other is clearly average at best in the system the team is playing.

You need to build the team around players that fit. Right now, Girardi looks like a bad fit.
Exactly...yes, some teams still stink after getting high draft choices, and some teams are able to properly develop those high picks and build winners. I don't want four or five years of suckage to end up where the likes of Edmonton, Florida, Columbus or the Islanders are. But, I would like the opportunity to draft a top line player that is a legitimate piece to add to the core.

As others have said, the group that was built from the 2004-6, (namely, Staal, Callahan, Dubinsky, Girardi, Sauer and Anisimov), had its peak in 2011-2. That group went as far as it could given its limitations. High draft picks don't guarantee success, but, they do give you more ammunition. Giving long-term deals to Callahan and Girardi may appear noble, but, you're more likely to face the law of diminishing returns. I don't want just a round of playoff success. I want Cup contention, and staying the course by signing Girardi and Callahan to market value deals makes it less likely that Cup contention is a possibility. Some fans are making it out as if by not signing Girardi and Callahan, the Rangers are losing integral parts of a winning formula. Again, that group was able to make to the Conference finals by the skin of its teeth under optimal conditions. Those conditions don't exist at the present time.

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