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01-03-2014, 02:37 PM
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Originally Posted by silverfish View Post
While the tears of Islanders fans are delicious, I can't stand them *****ing about Okposo. Over Callahan? Maybe I can understand that. Let's say Okposo made it over Callahan though, they'd be moaning about how KO isn't in the top-6, let's be real. On top of that, I think they'll be okay with it when Callahan is out there on the PK. He and Drury were clutch in 2010. And as far as 2010 goes, the same **** was happening. Islanders fans moaning about Okposo not being on the team. Team gets silver. Let's take a chill pill here, Isles.

And on the Stepan front, they're even more ridiculous. They'll be happy Stepan is there if a center goes down. What's Okposo going to do if a center goes down? Nothing.

****ing Isles fans.

And I like how they essentially ignore the article, and don't even realize that Okposo was barely mentioned in the process.
Only reason it would make sense for Okposo to go over Callahan is because of injuries. Cally was there in 2010 and has been better than Okposo every year except this one, and brings more consistently to the role they would want that spot to fill.

Anyone *****ing over Callahan using justification other than "he's injured, so he might not be as good" is totally out to lunch.

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