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Originally Posted by Watch for the Yeti View Post
I have the x60s, and would highly recommend them. They provide me with a perfect amount of support, and a great skate. In my opinion, the skate gives you a high end experience for a very affordable price. If you have narrow feet, like me, they are great. The Supreme boot has more of a normal width, but I have never used the Supreme line so I'm not sure. I had the CCM RBZ 40s before I got the x60s, and my skating from those skates to the x60s is night and day. I have quicker turns, faster strides, quicker stops. Like I said, I would highly recommend that skate. I am a size 9 shoe, and got a size 8 skate. The fit is a 9/10, obviously the 7.5 skate did fit better, but I chose to get a .5 size bigger so I didn't have to keep buying new skates because my feet are still growing.

The x60s would be a great skate for you, I recommend getting them baked and purchasing the Superfeet Yellow insoles. Waxed laces are also great for me, they keep my skates tight all game, and for someone like me that doesn't have alot of strength, allows me to tighten them very well.

It's cool to see someone from South Africa interested in playing the game, let me know if you have anymore questions.
Thanks very much for your response. Getting skates baked is not really an option for me, the hockey shops we have here are mediocre and don't offer much, which is why I am unable to fit the skates I want to buy, I will be getting my uncle to bring them along for me as he is currently in the US.

I was leaning more to the X60s, but I am not sure if they will fit, according to my measurements, I should wear a Width E, but the vapor x:02 skates i Had in 8 D seemed fine in width, and the heel support was brilliant, but they seemed a bit tall in the front, toes did not reach the cap. So what I am thinking, would a 7.5 fit correctly? does it alter the width of the skate by a large margin down from an 8? when I purchased them back then, I did not have the option of half sizes, it was an 8 or nothing.

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