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Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
Girardi is a bad fit for a transition offense. AV clearly likes the guys who can rush the puck out of their own end and Girardi simply can't do that. Hence the reason Del Zotto and his elite stretch pass continues to be passed over for John Moore. Also, for better or worse, it seems like man-coverage is here to stay in the defensive zone. You can't play man-to-man without being able to skate. Additionally, like you said, you're cherry-picking a point. It's not that he simply doesn't fit. It's that he's a bad fit right now AND he's due for a significant raise AND plays a style of game that has a track record of breaking a player's body down. Do we want to invest ~$5-6M per for 7 years in the hope that Girardi will be the exception to the rule when it comes to shot-blocking defenders?

Replacing him is difficult, but not entirely impossible. I think saying we're pissing him away is a bit over the top. I'm not advocating putting the guy on waivers. I'm saying that if you can get a solid return that builds for a better future, then it's something that absolutely has to be considered.
Fair points. And if the argument is Girardi could break down, or isn't worth $5M+ per, I totally get it. I just take issue with the "doesn't fit" argument. Especially when the round hole the Rangers are trying to force the defense into has little track record for success. And requires a significant roster overhaul, based on hoping you find the right prospects. Seems a bit like grasping in the dark to me.

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