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01-03-2014, 04:06 PM
Change is good.
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Originally Posted by rangersfan9 View Post
Who would you move over to take top pair minutes? Could Staal move over? Could McDonagh move over to the right? If those are not possibilities, then I don't see how you could replace Girardi effectively. The D-Man just aren't there in the system or on the team to replace the loss of a 1st pair RHD.

I agree that you can easily replace him on the PP and the PK to a lesser extent. For ES though, Stralman can't do the job of 1st pair RHD against some of the top lines in the league every night and if you can't move Staal or McDonagh to the right side, its going to be a huge problem. Besides, who can the Rangers sign in free agency that is a bargain compared to Girardi that could do a good job as a 1st pair RHD? I just don't see that player out there in free agency.
This is the issue that others have addressed that I think you may have missed. In making the move, you acknowledge that you don't have a first pair RHD waiting in the wings; you accept the fact that you'll have a suboptimal lineup for at least a year... because you know in so doing you're much more likely to have a real cup contender 2-3 years down the road.

And yes, there is risk involved - you're going to have to find that guy eventually. But, you don't keep Girardi and give him a 6 x $6MM contract now, simply because you don't already know who's going to take his minutes in 18-24 months. You accept being worse now for the sake of being better then - and work on solving those problems one at a time as you build back up.

Originally Posted by NYR Viper View Post
No, they can't. But signing Girardi to a big money deal for a long time does nothing for the future of the organization either.

Add assets to the stable to wait to see if someone becomes available in the off-season. There were rumblings Buff was available (not saying I like him or not, just an example).

Losing Girardi for nothing or overpaying him are 2 very bad options
Exactly. And let's not forget that Girardi himself came damn nearly literally out of nowhere. He was an undrafted FA. Hell, for all we know Conor Allen is the second coming of Girardi, even though he shoots left. Or next summer another Girardi-like player could be available as an UFA. Or we might draft him in the 3rd round this year. We have no idea who will play his role two years from now, but that shouldn't push us to signing a bad fit to a bad deal.

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