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01-03-2014, 04:20 PM
Pavel Buchnevich
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Originally Posted by Rangers Fail View Post
You can still retool. Trade Callahan and Girardi for some young pieces that can grow with the team and be part of your core in the future. See what you can get for Staal. Hell, I'd dangle Nash out there, though now might not be the time to do it.

It's painfully obvious that what the Rangers are doing now isn't working.
I agree the team is mediocre and overrated. I just don't understand why Hank was given a ridiculous contract. How is that going to help the team in the next few years when they are trying to rebuild? When giving an older player a large contract, you are banking on them helping you the next few years and just dealing with the consequences for the last few years of the deal when their level of play falls off. How does it help the team if Hank plays well for a few years at a huge price and then sucks when the team is planning on contending again? Thats called a halfway rebuilding job. You either tear it all down or you don't tear any of it down. Sather either thinks the team can still contend or he is an even bigger moron than I thought. I'm really not sure which one it is.

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