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Originally Posted by Toydarian View Post
I'm not a big fan of the quality of hockey in the winter classic. However, it is a game that receives a lot of attention and draws record sized crowds. The NHL is a business and less than perfect hockey shouldn't be the primary reason for them to a hugely successful "gimmic"
I know it would never happen (but I know a few years ago Brent Saik had his outdoor game) the nhl and its teams if they weren't so greedy i don't know why they wouldn't make just an outdoor game in a more intimate setting (not in someone's backyard) but in terms of just using a smaller venue (i don't know if there is something out there) which would at least be exciting for people who don't want to freeze - the other alternative would be to have it earlier in the season.

The whole problem is they have it in the coldest part of the year, and most of the costs get driven up. Just my two cents.

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