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01-19-2007, 03:01 PM
Larry Melnyk
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The idiocy of Renney continues..

Of course, everything stems from the 2nd line and the moronic signing of Cullen (even if he is still ourt best option in the NHL), but when Life give you Lemons yadda yadda.....Who knows what the Hell the Rangers are making...

I have no clue what Renney is doing with Prucha wasted on a 4th line again (There may be a case for limiting Prucha's ice time BUT NOT WHEN THE ALTERNATIVES ARE THE LIKES OF KROG,CULLEN,HOSSA, etc..)....And Hollweg out of postion as a C? ....and a 2nd line, often the most important line, constructed of Shanny and two wimpy, prancing non-entities like Krog and Cullen.....Krog scores one goal and his spot will be cemented...

It's really quite simple..Given what we have...

Prucha-Cullen-Shanny (you can switch Prucha and Nylnder maybe)

The rest of the line shiffling will amount to nothing...Renney is just being too smart for his own good..

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