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Originally Posted by DelZottoHitTheNetJK View Post
You clearly can't understand the misery that was required to get those 2 generational talents. You speak as if it cost them nothing to win that cup. It cost sweet, delicious Pens fan tears. A half a decades worth. They were a team that was purposefully assembled not to win, and they were awfully good at it. In professional sports that is pathetic and is a big FU to the fans from management and ownership.

The Rangers have made the playoffs every year save for one since the lockout. They've been past the first round multiple times and made a deep ECF run during that time. They did it without tanking. Obviously the ultimate goal is the cup; but I'll take not tanking and making the playoffs at a 90% clip/seeing what happens over becoming the Oilers and Pittsburgh. **** their cup, honestly. It's tainted IMO and I'd say the same exact thing if the Rangers did it that way.

Then again I also feel that the draft system is a total joke. But like anything else it's money driven. The lack of parity means less money for these poor owners. So we need to give teams with terrible management, scouting and personnel top 3 overall picks. Total joke. Draft should be completely random, every year. Everyone gets the same shot at the #1 overall
Yeah, I'd take half a decade over complete crap over 15 years of total mediocrity pretty easily. They sucked and turned it into something positive. We've sucked and our fans thumb their noses at the teams who actually win, and win every year. We've sucked, but at least we can say we spent the most money possible and still managed to do jack ****! Take that, Pens!

5 playoff series wins in 15 years! Suck it, Pittsburgh!

One trip beyond the 2nd round in 15 years! Keep crying, Pens fans!

You know who else has made the playoffs every year save for one since the lockout? The Penguins.

I'm sure they're really upset about that "tainted" cup. Then you have the gall to complain about money when this team has been built by money for decades? Clueless.

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