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01-19-2007, 03:19 PM
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If I've learned anything as a sports fan it is that you can't equate your happiness totally with the end only one team wins and everyone else goes home disappointed. You have to take your enjoyment and pleasure where and when it comes.
Root for a loss? Never....True Blue!
What is frustrating to me is inept management. How many times have I watched the NHL draft and say to myself "please take this player...please take this player," only to see us draft yet another project or someone who you just know will not make it. How many times have a rolled my eyes at another free agent signing or a trade that you know will just not work out. How many times do we let state vets play while talented kids rot on the vine? How many years to be have to put up with horrible ownership, incompetent GMs, and coaches who you just know will not get the most from the players.

Thats my frustration. Sometimes I hope some of our players will come down with the flu, or minor injuries (not major ones, I would never hope for that), so we can bring kids up.
But root against the Rangers.....never, never, never (OK, the only exception would be in the last few games of a season when we were near last place and there was a Crosby or Lemieux available).
Go Rangers!

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