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01-27-2004, 11:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Toonces
Both. I don't remember the 98 playoffs as well as I probaly should to comment on it, but I do remember that the team as a whole was not very good. If I remember correctly, Rod Brind`Amour was one of the few players who actually showed up to play that year. I would speculate though that Sean Burke "should" do very well in front of this current Flyer incarnation.

If Hackett can't come back, there will be a trade for a goalie. I'd hope Clarke would try and get Manny Fernandez instead of going after Burke. Fernandez would come from a team that is used to a strict defensive system, and would blend well into Hitchcocks plans.
Yeah, I don't remember it too well either. Somebody posted Burke's numbers, but I thought Hextall was the starter. I thought the team was playing poorly as well. Even in the playoffs the year before they REALLY looked bad defensively against the Wings. Oh well, can't remember enough to make any kind of argument about either the team or Burke.

I do agree with the Fernandez idea. It's been brought up a lot lately and I like the idea more and more.

If Burke was willing to come in as a back-up it might be a Boosh/Beezer like situation. Lot's of intangibles there.