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Originally Posted by smoneil View Post
Then we would be trading every defenseman on the roster aside from McD. Staal, MDZ, Girardi, Moore and (over the last month or so) Stralman have looked significantly worse under AV than they did with Torts. When 5/6ths of your defense "regresses"--it's a problem with the system, not the players.

AV's stubborn insistence on the man to man defense (a system almost nobody else uses) is a big part of the problem in my opinion.

You don't trade a 35-40 point, 23 year old defenseman before trying to fix the (bigger) problem first. If the only way for AV's man system to work is to have guys like McD at 1-6, then we have a serious problem, because we're all out of Gomez' to trade.

Frankly, had I been in MDZ's shoes, I would have asked for a trade a long time ago. He's been shafted by AV for most of the season. I don't know if that working relationship can even be saved at this point.
If DZ did ask for a trade, good. AV treats him like **** but lets John Moore and Nash play, screw ups and all. And people thought Torts was bad? I really hope we keep DZ, Torts had no problem using him the right way but AV does and its sick. If we do trade DZ,best of luck to him and i hope he goes on to be a consistent top 4 35-40 point dman who lights us up because this organization sucks.

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