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01-03-2014, 11:18 PM
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Thread is long overdue. A top defense in the league shouldn't just become awful overnight.

Yes, Torts' system may have masked some mobility issues. Yes, the players are making some poor reads which is a huge issue. But they are also clearly being coached to play extremely aggressively, and it is moronic. I've said my piece on this a bunch so I will do what I can not to type a novel.

2nd goal tonight is again a classic example. Staal pressures Gibbons erratically and aggressively behind the net. It's an ok play. Would be better if he won the battle like he used to. I personally would like to see him hold his ground and limit passing lanes. But then you have 3 forwards just clueless in recognizing that they need to take Jokinen. Stralman at the other corner watching "his man" vs watching the slot.

More than disagreeing with the system, I have no ever loving idea how the staff has not recognized a need to make changes. Ya know so they don't leave Henrik out to dry every single night and are able to win some games. But nah. Be aggressive. Who cares about the slot.

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