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01-03-2014, 11:44 PM
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Originally Posted by MasterDecoy View Post
yes, MB could have tried to sign subban to a ridiculous front loaded contract, but subban has to accept it so instead of dealing with imaginary hypotheticals (my imaginary hypothetical is why didnt MB dign him for 20 years at 3???), you deal with that we know, and that is that subban wanted 5 for 5, bringing him straight to UFA.
First, all scenarios that are not what happened are imaginary hypothetical ones. We absolutely do not know that Subban wanted 5 for 5. We can guess based on reports. And even then, even if the reports are true, we could have offered something different to Subban and negotiated from there. It absolutely did not have to be 5 for 5. The 5 for 5 deal is not even a good one for the habs.

Secondly, front loaded deals are to the advantage of the player and the team. Both parties gain from it, that's why they were so widely used. Player gets the same deal as one with a higher average because money has a value in time. Team gets cap space. Front loading a deal is only ridiculous if the money is ridiculous. It could have been any amount/length but I don't want to argue on that because that's another can of worms and that's precisely why it's ridiculous to only consider 2 scenarios.

The 2 scenarios presented by Lshap means starting with a false premise. Any conclusion derived from it is meaningless other than 5M for 5 years was not a good deal for the habs. And you didn't need the above picture to realize that.

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