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There are 3 arguments about this team.
1 - The players are fine but the system sucks.
2 - The players suck, the system is fine
3 - Both players and system suck.

I have no problem with any of these opinions but I do have a problem with people who are math challenged.
Here are the facts:
A - Except for McD, Zuke and Kreider, every player regressed in this system. That's one one out of the whole D corp and 2 out of the whole offense.
B - This defense went from borderline elite to borderline AHL.
C - Team still cannot score goals.

By the way fun fact about Mcdonagh, he leads the team in giveaways by a big margin in terms of raw numbers and in terms of per game. Yet he appears to be fitting the system. Not a shot against McDonagh, but it's another proof that the system does not fit EVERY Dman.

Player Team GP Giveaways Giveaways Per Game
612 Ryan McDonagh NYR 41 32 0.78
614 Dan Girardi NYR 41 24 0.59
615 Anton Stralman NYR 40 21 0.53
616 Michael Del Zotto NYR 32 19 0.59
617 John Moore NYR 39 18 0.46
620 Marc Staal NYR 31 15 0.48

You can advocate for either position 1 2 or 3, but you cannot ignore facts A, B and C.
Different posters have different favorite and not so favorite players. It's easy to blame the players.
DZ, seems to be the easiest to crap on even when he is scratched.
Girardi, #1 RD do not grow on trees, we know his strengths and his weaknesses and yet, every time something goes wrong, the point gets pointed at him. Trade him / Keep him either position has its merit, but you better have a p plan in place to replace him. The old platitude of " trading for a young RHD that take his place" is fantasy land. if 30 year old minute eating defensive Dman do not grow on trees, younger versions are worth their weight in gold.
Staal, went from Elite D to a journeyman, the injuries seem to be the prevalent excuse, but are they?
Stralman, funny that he was mentioned by AV as another Dman that was struggling (The famous every one by McD's quote from AV).
Moore, he is AV's favorite. Yet he is struggling more than he was under Torts.

Watching this team has become painful. Not only they can't score goals, but the Team has lost its identity, they are just a combination of lost players in a system that doesn't fit their skillset. What happened to Stepan, on pace for PPG? Brass who showed so much potential last season, Hagelin? And the big fish Callahan?
Again, just as a reminder, I am not arguing against each player, but arguing the critical mass of so many players struggling point to a systemic flaw.

I can only draw one conclusion: The players may suck and the previous system may have made them look better, but the current system is making them look worst for a fact.
The biggest surprise was the Defense, hence as I have said early on this season, Ulfie needs to be called out.

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