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01-19-2007, 06:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Shadowrunner View Post
To be honest, I'm shocked that almost no one seems to understand this concept. There's more to being a fan than being happy over one game won. If you all truly care for this team, how can you NOT hope for something, ANYTHING that will compel the management to go in the right direction?
I understand this entirely and I don't disagree.

The problem as I see it is that nothing will compel this management to do what it has done so far:
1. Begin off season with the plan of making the playoffs.
2. Purchase UFAs accordingly.
3. Go into the season with winning and playoffs as objective #1.
4. If the team can't make the playoffs, sell quick at the deadline. (And with the early trade deadline and the number of teams getting into the playoffs, there is almost never no hope of making it.)
5. Begin next off season as we did last.

Losing feels bad but if it could actually change the philosophy of this management I might actually be able to hope for losses. But losing won't change the philosophy of this management. It doesn't believe in a sustained re-building project, and so it doesn't see the value in losing.

All that being the case I say again, I can intellectually justify it as a good, but the reality is that it DOES no good for this team. Therefore I cannot root for losses.

I have no idea if that makes an ounce of sense.

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