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Originally Posted by AIREAYE View Post

Have someone take pictures of your feet in a seated position with your knees at 90 degrees or so. Have a little bit of weight on your feet (could be done if you sit on a lower surface for example). Take picture from the 4 sides, top-down of the fore/mid foot and of the heel and back of the heel. Host them on something like Photobucket and link here.
okay, here goes, the pictures of feet as advised. Please tell me if they are not correct, and thank you very much for the willingness to assist. Must say, first time I ever had to take pictures of my feet(looks kinda gross that close up)

There are 8 photos in total at the link below:

@Jazzykat, I will see if the manufacturer will be able to advise on that, as I would like to bake them myself, but I will only do it if I am certain I won't destroy the skates.

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