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Originally Posted by macavoy View Post
Look up my record.

Based on interviews, I chose Galchenyuk over a much taller prospect that a lot of people wanted whose name also started with G.
A lot of people wanted, based on size.

Everyone and their grandmother knew Galchenyuk was a better prospect. Eventually, by a week around draft day, mostly everyone had changed their tune.

Originally Posted by macavoy View Post
I also wrote off Atvsin because I could see the writing.
I never bought into the Avtsin hype and I never watched a single interview of his. I based it off his play, both with and without the puck and the way he handled himself in all three zones.

Originally Posted by macavoy View Post
I also said Pacioretty needed AHL seasoning.
Did you base that on interviews as well? I based it off of his play in Montreal that left us desiring a little more. I said that sending him to Hamilton was the kick in the ass that he needed.

Originally Posted by macavoy View Post
Back in the Halak vs Price debates, I said Halak was better at the time but Price would be better long term.
Again, based on interviews? I wanted Price over Halak, despite the heavy credit I gave to Halak during the 2010 playoffs. Not because of interviews, not because of ethnicity but because Price had a higher ceiling.

Originally Posted by macavoy View Post
my record speaks volumes.
If that's your record, where you base the potential of prospects on interviews, you failed to make your point. Instead, you gave examples that quite a lot of us here held the same opinion, yet did not base it off interviews. That IS what this argument is about, right? You watched a Collberg interview and that was all you needed to know... right? You then listed examples that poorly reflected your "record".

Originally Posted by macavoy View Post
Just like the Therrien debate, I don't like him but he is the best french coach option and people thinking we can fire him are out to lunch because they don't realize there s another better french option.
Not really sure what point you are trying to make here. I don't base my opinion of Therrien on what he says in the dressing room which we are privileged to watch on 24CH. I base it on the decisions he makes with his line-up and how he manages player's ice time. Again... nothing to do with interviews or the way they handle themselves in them.

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