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Originally Posted by Mio41 View Post
I agree with you, but Brassard should have came down low and covered the guy in front
But that's the problem, or so it seems with man-to-man, it requires the forwards to be on top of their defensive game. Rewatch the Penguins 5th goal. Watch Boyle. Seriously, who's his man? He's in no mans land, gets beat to the first loose puck, that gets chipped behind the net. Then as Crosby is coming out front, Boyle's the only guy in front because the other defender had to follow his guy behind the net. Switching at that point would be too complicated, so we're stuck with Crosby making a move to get out in front, and Boyle making the most half-assed stick check ever; missing the puck, and then winds up inside the circle, not covering anyone at all. While he's gliding back into place the Pens score.

If they weren't stuck in man, Boyle should've chased the play behind the net, and not the right side dman. Which would've worked better because Stralman got out muscled and out bodied by Crosby, where Boyle might have had a better chance. If Boyle had a brain in his head he would've put a body on Crosby as he came from behind the net with the puck, instead of his goofy stick check. Again, if a natural defender is in front of the net, he's probably not going to try and poke check the most dangerous player int he game about to walk out front. The play was a complete cluster****, and in my opinion a large part of that is due to the system being a huge cluster****.

I feel like this happens over and over again, and is exasperated by a system that seems ill-suited to this roster, and maybe the modern NHL

Edit: link to Kunitz's goal. can't figure out how to link directly to a specific event on, so just click on the last goal that made the game 5-2

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