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01-04-2014, 10:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Boom Boom Geoffrion View Post
Not much I can disagree with here. I don't think MDZ gets much of a raise though. The mentality that MDZ is moveable because he sucks and John Moore is superior is a joke. That's what I'm trying to highlight.

If you don't like MDZ. Or feel like MDZ shouldn't be part of our long-term planning. Whatever. I can respect that.

Assuming Moore is a more capable dmen though?

There are some real foolish suspects in this thread that make me wonder what the hell they're watching with some of the nonsense they're posting though. That's what the nature of my post was.
DZ looked to have a lot of potential after his first season. He's not realized it. Torts arguably had him playing against his strengths with the system he put in place. DZ IMO has always been a disaster waiting to happen on the right side. My ***** with AV concerning DZ isn't about the scratches--I don't think DZ has played well this season at all--but continuing to put him in situations to fail and especially IMO when he has better options--Moore for instance would be a better option on the right side. This is far as I'm going to go with my backseat coaching on this issue. I just don't get it. DZ though over the course of his time with the Rangers has only improved marginally as a defenseman. He strikes me as have a fragile psyche and to be honest I don't care for players who are fragile upstairs. They're not winners IMO. It's possible that he'll get over that some day but I'm done waiting. He's got to the point where his earnings are going to be more of an issue as well. All this hurts his trade value as well IMO. Teams looking to deal for him need to believe he's going to come in the right frame of mind and be worth the next contract he signs. It's almost like Zherdev redux.

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