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01-04-2014, 10:41 AM
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Originally Posted by RangerBoy View Post
What does signing Girardi to a 6-7 year contract achieve? Did you watch the game last night? Lets sign Callahan to another 7 year contract too. How does the team come out flat against a devision rival? That can't be all on the coach. The leadership of the team takes a hit here. Don't bother us tonight because we spent a great few days in Florida on the beach and on the water. Brad Richards looked overmatched. No goals in 12 games. He has 4 assists in those 12 games. Staal wasn't much better. Three of these guys have letter on their sweater. Girardi is right there with them. Why continue to reward mediocrity?

The entire team is a big hole.

I'm tired of ******** efforts like last night. Tired. Very tired.
Coaching staff deserves all the blame as well.. and its not jjust 1 or 2 players its a team effort.. look at the team we played last night ****en crosby and a bunch of rooks and jusi who could only be traded bc his salary was retained.. i dislike our entire coaching staff, its a complete joke.. no emotion, terrible personnel decisions, and its there job to get everyone on the same page to play like a team.. hockey is prob one sport that it takes an entire team to win games regardless of elite talent and superstars..even they cant do it on their own..

this team has won multiple playoff rounds won the past couple years, why do we blow it up? i agree with a lot of what you said.. but girardi is a warrior and there is noway i would let him walk.. AV's job is to lead this team and do whatever it takes with your personnel to win games..same thing with MDZ, how can the kid nearly score 35-40+ pts in his first 4 years and now all of a sudden suck ass.. a coach should be there for his player encourage and get his ass in gear to play hard and win games..

i hate the excuses he always says.. we need better from everyone, dudes a joke and i think the only reason he won is bc of the twins and kessler in van... hes not a good coach, rode the talent he had, and it his job to have his player buy in, which i dont think they have and thats why we're playing like we dont give a ****.. starts from the top down..

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