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01-04-2014, 12:21 PM
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Originally Posted by BobMarleyNYR View Post
BS, and no defense to management. Generally I'd agree, and while he has been undeservedly scratched a couple times, Del Zotto's biggest problem is between his own ears. He's been given countless oppotunities at times where he shouldn't have, and it cost us. No one has ruined his confidence; he's either neurotic and full of self-doubt, or he just doesn't have a hockey mind to be good consistently.

I agree that his value is ****, but that's because he's been taking a step forward and then a step back for four years now, this season is only steps back.

He needs a fresh start, send him to VAN, Torts loves him! lol All the best, but I'd take a 2nd for him. That's all we'll get
Most professional athletes have very sensitive egos. Their entire lives are based on having been the best at every level and being coddled and adored by friends, families and the junior organizations that sent them on their way. Why do you think they talk SO much about confidence in professional sports and how it relates to hot/cold streaks. When a player plays confident they play much, much better. When a player plays without confidence they can be a complete ghost of their true abilities. You lose faith in yourself. You don't want to carry he puck but you're questioning your pass before you make it as well. When the puck reaches you at the point you are so nervous/excited for a chance to get back in the positive that you drill it 6 feet high and wide, or bobble it and go offsides. It's very real and all players experience it. Lundqvist is fighting it this year. Part of Staal's struggles are related to getting confident in himself once more. McDonagh is where he is because his confidence has been building for the past few years here. Some players get lucky and they get to take a linear path through the pros where confidence rises with experience and they rarely see any prolonged rough patches. Confidence is more important and more fragile in young players. That's part of the reason coaches are tasked with being responsible for player development. Mike Babcock isn't developing Daniel Alfredsson this year but he's got to handle the ups and downs of his younger guys like Tatar, Jurco and Nyquist in a way that teaches them without damaging their confidence. I'm not trying to absolve Del Zotto from being responsible at all, by the way, and some players are more resilient than others but AV has had a terrible impact on DZ this year. The kid needs a change of scenery and he easily may still flourish as a mid pairing 40+ point damn some day.

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