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Originally Posted by BobMarleyNYR View Post
I appreciate your post, but you didn't have to go that in depth. I've followed the game for 20 years, and played it at one point. I also have OCD and anxiety, so I know what it's like to doubt yourself.

I also know that the even the Prince of ****ing Siam knows how to man the **** up lol, and that poor confidence is temporary until you get one graceful bounce, then it's fair game again.

I also know that it isn't normal for ANYONE to spend four years doubting their abilities. It's not like they ever played him for 5:00 the night after a 3-point game, see what I mean?

He's had the chance to thrive, with pretty sheltered circumstances. You could make the case that he was rushed. Even still, athletes are sensitive. They're also human, and humans are highly adaptable creatures.

I hope Del Zotto arrives, I just think it's gotta be elsewhere.
He's been a serviceable young #4/5 almost his entire time here, minus his sophomore season, sometimes filling in higher up the lineup than that and doing so quite well. He has had plenty of times where his confidence has been high and it has translated in both his offensive and defensive game. If you haven't seen that in the last few years you're not as keen an observer of the game as you claim, though I think you have and your frustration/disappointment with the player has made you a bit shortsighted. Understandably. I am talking about his confidence this season only. Sure, he's been frustrating, not being able to put it all the way together in years past but he is still young even now and in the past you took the ups and the downs because overall he was certainly a player worthy of being in the top 4/5 of our d-core. What has changed this year? Did he not prepare well in the offseason? Has he gotten complacent? Perhaps, but I think after struggling early with the man to man defensive scheme (which seemingly none of our players truly grasp) he became AV's odd man out and his confidence has been shaken and deteriorating since. He went from a 22 year old solid #4-5 on a good d-core to a 23 year old #7 on a poor defensive team in about 20 games. I think this stage of his struggles and this prolonged down period in his play is as much AV's fault as his own. I think a change of scenery will do him well. Personally, I actually believe he'll always be proem to bonehead decisions with the puck, but he'll wind up a #4 somewhere and be a productive puck mover with faults.

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