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01-19-2007, 09:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Keetz View Post
Not sure Non-contact hockey exists....

Does it?

I play non-checking and theres plenty of contact. I get hit and smothered all the time, without penalties being called. they are not checks just fairplay on the body.
I was thinking the same thing. At the very least players fall each other or jostle for the puck. At worst, tripping and checking happen but the instigator either goes to the box or gets ejected but you still get hit. Good idea consulting a specialist in sports medicine. Should be able to provide advice that's sports specific.

Sounds like your heart's set on hockey but swimming or yoga would be less impact on your back. Good luck. Our team captain just resigned because his back issues were too much for him to deal with. If it doesn't work out and you want to stay close to the game you could always try coaching.

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