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01-04-2014, 02:09 PM
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Um... The NY Rangers organization is trying to win for the playoff revenues, not for the fans. I'm sure Glennie gets a nice little bonus for every year the team makes the post-season as well. Ain't nothing to do with the fans anywhere. A real rebuild would be preferable for most of the fans. In NY, the population of casual observers is so big that real hockey fans don't matter much. If Joe Schmo from Brooklyn, who is an expert on why the Jets are better than their record, why the Giants didn't deserve those Super Bowl wins, why Eli is overrated, why the Nets moved to Brooklyn but the Knicks will always be New Yawk's team, what Jay Z's motivation for getting into sports is, why Melo is actually better than 'Bron, 'cept when Melo plays like a bum, why Robbie Cano is the best hitter in the bigs and why the Mets will always be the sad little brother of the real ball club in NY sees that the Islanders have a better record than the Rangers on the front of Newsday, or hears on Boomer and Carton that the Rangers are third to last in the league, and the million other Joe Schmo's all hear the same, it doesn't matter what the real hockey fans who would endure a true rebuild want, it's never going to happen.

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