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01-04-2014, 06:10 PM
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I feel like I'm taking crazy pills for some of this. No, DZ isn't playing as well as he has in the past, and no, he's not a safe guy to have out there wall the time right now, but he's interchangeable with Falk and Moore? I don't think so. Moore is close to playing the same game when Moore is at his best and DZ is at his worst. DZ skates the puck into the zone better than those guys, he gets shooting chances more than those guys (granted he has awful, awful aim), he's shown that he's capable of passing better than those guys - he's deeply flawed, but he's easily among the 6 best d-men on this roster IMO.

AV has a strong distaste for him for some reason that isn't completely apparent to me. He plays the hell out of some other players who aren't what they once were, but he seemed to never even accept the possibility of playing DZ through his troubles. It's odd to me, because aside from McD, who is a freak and can apparently play almost any type of game well, DZ should be the next best guy to play a quick transition game.

At this point, I think they're going to trade him, and they probably have to mostly because it's already implied that they're trying hard, but, damn, what a waste of an asset this is going to be. DZ is better than he has been, like most players on this team right now. For whatever reason, he's drawn the short straw and just doesn't get the chances other guys do. Considering his history of production and decent defense in the past, I think that's idiotic.

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