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01-28-2004, 02:44 AM
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Originally Posted by RANGERDIEHARD
Uh - oh, somebody made a couple of errors.

The Rangers won the President's trophy the same year they won the Cup (1993 - 1994). They MISSED the playoffs and had a horrible record the year before (1992 - 1993). Amonte was traded before the playoffs started and as for Kovalev......he was a headache that year with his 3 minute shifts.
Ah, ah, ah, take a step back there. You wrote, "Do you remember how you felt at the end of the 1992 - 1993 season ..." In '91-'92 the Rangers won the Presidents Trophy under Roger Neilson. Thus they had won the Presidents Trophy the year before 92-93 season, just as I said.

Please note, too, that you asked how I felt before the Cup season, thus how I felt before the Amonte trade.

Kovalev was putting up a 20 goal-in-63 game rookie campaign that year. I know I wasn't complaining about his shifts. And to be honest I don't remember him overstaying his shifts in his rookie season. But that aside, if we had a rookie of Kovalev's dynamism, 3-minute shifts or not, I'd feel a whole lot better about this organization.

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