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Originally Posted by GWOW View Post
There's a rumor floating around that Sather has Tortarella do a video teleconference with the team on days Talbot starts, while Vigneault runs the ship on days Henrik starts.

Vigneault is the reason Henrik is terrible this year. Vigneault has absolutely nothing to do with Talbot's success.

Talbot was always phenomenally talented, but he played behind some God-awful teams, making him look worse than what he was. All of his teammates in Alabama are out of hockey by now. They were on par with the guys you'd play at the Brooklyn Aviator or the Staten Island Pavilion with. Yet, he almost beat Miami-Ohio in the playoffs when they were the #1 ranked team. He did it almost all by himself, just shutting down star college players and they fired from every angle without much defense in their way.

In Hartford, it didn't get much better. Those who don't watch the AHL just don't understand how bad the defensive breakdowns were. There were 10-12 minute periods when the team would just quit on Talbot. Usually it would happen in the third period as they ran out of gas. He'd face one breakaway after another, which was the easy part. On top of that, they would pass perfectly on the opponent's stick who was standing all alone inside the hash marks. Oh and did I mention him playing like 30 games in a row because neither Miss nor Stajcer knows how to play hockey?

Had Talbot played on a better team, he'd have had just dominant stats. His .918 SV% in Hartford would've been .950% on a different team, but it's hard to have phenomenal stats when you are facing 6-8 shots every game from 2-5 feet away without anyone helping defend, and the rest of the game, it's one blunder after another.

Talbot has always been a very talented goalie, but he occasionally gave up WTF goals. I guess I now know why: it's not that easy to always stop perfectly concentrated when you are facing such a barrage of scoring chances. Eventually, you'll let something in and everyone will blame you for it.

But this year, I don't think he gave up a single WTF goal in either the AHL or the NHL.

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