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01-28-2004, 03:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Dykhuis26
Glanville was popular and definitely bright. Both statements backed up by the fact that he played at UPenn. I liked him but the fact that he led off and never took a walk annoyed me. He'd be a good situational player to back up Byrd.
He went to UPenn so he is "bright"... but hes not baseball smart. You even said it yourself "never took a walk." He has no baseball sense and since we are evaluating him on baseball terms he is not "baseball smart." The man cant get a 1600 on his SATS and run mensa, but hes a baseball player, not a scientist... so i really dont care.

Glanville was infamous for making those catches were he runs towards the wall and makes a diving catch. Of course this made him look like a gold glover, but he just played to close to second and was always caught out of position. HE SCARES NO ONE. And if he had anything to offer a team he would have been signed already.

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