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01-04-2014, 11:49 PM
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Quick question-
I skate two nights a week(1 league, 1 pickup).
It's low level, and I am getting older, so I purchased
new skates last year. They are the Reebok White K model.
Say what you will, but they were the most comfortable in the price range, fit the best, and at a great price.
I really like them, and have nothing bad to say about them(other than they are a bit flashy for my taste).

I also play a decent amount of pond hockey, and backyard rink hockey.
I bought a pair of CCM 652 Super Tacks about 10 years ago(probably an 03/04) model.
I started using these finally last year for outdoor skates. They were extremely uncomfortable.
I figured it was a stiff boot, and just needed a lot of break in.
2 skates in- I took a puck off the right holder, and it shattered.
I had both holders replaced(as well as blades) for this season.
After skating today- they just feel horrible. Just awful, like I literally can't skate in them.
Looking into it, it seems they run small, and I feel like they are just "off"
in general. I hate them, my feet are killing, and I couldn't skate in them.
30+ years of pond skating, and it's never been this bad.

Sorry for the long story. Badically, it's always been drilled into my head that you have a pair of skates for the pond, and a pair for the rink(if you play regularly). Is this the basic rule of thumb still?
Also, with knowing nothing really about current skate models, I do plan on going and trying a bunch of skates on. However, are there any models people might recommend as strictly a pond skate?
Something that won't break the bake, but won't be absolute junk either.

Sorry for the long post. I just wanted to give a backstory. Thanks for any insight.

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