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01-28-2004, 02:14 AM
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Originally Posted by Bruwinz20
How are you determining value? You think they are equal level players? If so I suggest purchasing Center Ice and watching more hockey before making further comparisons.

If you are talking about age/salary/FA status you may have more of a case. The problem is the Bruins are going into the playoff stretch and if they trade Rolston it cannot be for a player of Gauthier's caliber (although I do really like Gauthier). It would be a PR disaster and would make our team worse.
Yikes, there's the pot calling the kettle black. Maybe you need to watch more Centre Ice and observe Gauthier a bit more.

Gauts is a hard-hitting young defenseman with a cheap contract - like a Kasparitis type (minus the contract). He'd slide in nicely into Boston's lineup as the #3/4/5. Rolston is a great two-way player with a relatively larger contract than Gauthier and is approaching 31 years old.

Whether Boston needs Gauthier or not, or whether Calgary needs Rolston or not, I couldn't care less. IMO, the value is fair there - and that's the issue being discussed.

So yes, I do think it's equal value all things considered, and you can't sway me from that opinion. Just because you don't agree with me doesn't mean you're opinion is more valid.

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