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01-05-2014, 02:38 AM
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Alright, so I guess I should have known I wasn't going to win any friends with the homer comment. Not that anyone seemed to get what I meant by it. I was anticipating getting responses like "b. schenn +4th in 2019," and to the credit of Flyers fans, I didn't notice any garbage counters, so that's alright.

The way I see it, pulling off a trade of this magnitude requires an ongoing, back and forth conversation. Of course I'm going to shoot for the moon on my initial contact. I know what I have and I know what I need. I also know what's even better than what I need and that's exactly what I asked you for. What I want to get for this all-star RHD is a 2nd pairing LHD and a top 9 winger.

I've got to say also that I was personally unfamiliar with the problems with your current roster, when I made that offer. Despite the fact that you're doing better than us in the standings, you sure can't put the puck in the net. Which brings me to my first argument:

Simmonds is a classic 2nd-3rd right winger. For some reason, you don't have anyone else scoring goals this year, but his 11g is not exactly lighting the world on fire. Him being the leading scorer on a team that doesn't score goals doesn't mean he's worth what a 1st line rw is. I want him for our 3rd line: Tangradi Jokinen Simmonds. He'll make Setoguchi easier to trade if we want to add picks at the deadline. Not that Seto has to go anywhere, he's been decently reliable this season.

Coburn might be a little better than 2nd pairing, but might and a little better are in this sentence for a reason. That being said, if I look down your roster, I don't see anyone who seems like a reasonable replacement for him in this trade. Honestly I have some reservations about Coburn's physicality, as we've already got Enstrom and Stuart playing kinda soft on the left side.

The 4th round pick comes in what's considered a pretty weak draft, and might be considered a 5th or 6th in other years, so it's not very expensive.

The 2nd round pick is *conditional* and while I'm confident that at least 90% of you know what that means, the other 10% have keyboards too, so I'll point out that you don't need to give up this pick unless you get to the East Final, which seems like pretty stong evidence that the trade has already been very good to you.

Maybe you guys aren't the right dance partner for us, and that's alright. I looked to you in the first place because you seem to have a lot of left-side d-men coming into the system, seem to want an RHD for your first pairing, and historically love size at all positions.

I know what we have in Buff, and anyone on Flyers boards who uses advanced stats is going to be at least intrigued by Buff, even if you don't like the price tag. He's a very polarizing player. You love him or you hate him, but there is statistical evidence to show very clearly that he brings something very positive with him when he steps on the ice. And he can stay on that ice for over 25 minutes a game. You can ignore the fact that Pavelec is an ECHL goalie with a drinking problem and say his -11 is proof that he's damaging to his team or you could take a closer look and realize that Nathan McKinnon isn't a Jet because Byfuglien is.

In closing, we have 3 first pairing RHD. You have 0. Want one? This is the starting point for a conversation.

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