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01-05-2014, 03:28 AM
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Originally Posted by thadd View Post
LOL@ Black Dragon River Jets fan for using common sense and logic and expecting people to react positively.

The only way you get an opposing fanbase to support your proposal is if you make a proposal in which the other team is getting at least a 20% discount valuewise for whatever you're giving or taking back.

Then your fans bash you and laugh at you and claim that you have nothing to do with them.

The proposal is sound.

I really LOVED the dude earlier to suggested that they can't give up Simmonds because he's worth so much for being your leading goal scorer. When it was mentioned that he'd only scored 11 goals and people are defending him for scoring 11 goals throughout half of the season my laptop almost fell onto the floor as I laughed pretty hard.

Seriously. Buff could end up scoring more goals and points than Simmonds this year. More than Philly's leading goal scorer. This is hilarious.

As mentioned before, you guys have d-men retiring and leaving over the next few years and you guys don't even have a #1 d-man right now No, I don't think that Kimo is a #1 anymore. He's regressed significantly. Coburn is a serviceable #2 if you've got a #1 to play with him, but he's more or less an good quality 2nd pairing d-man.

Buff is making less than 6M per season, the cap will be 71M next season and the cap will be over 78M the season after that due to the money from the TV contract kicking in. You people are hilarious.

You guys actually sound almost as hilarious as Oil fans who constantly think that it's just a matter of time till Edmonton lands OEL or Weber for Eberle + Gagner.

This trade is huge for Philly and in the long run a slight upgrade for the Jets. Philly is the team that should be jumping on this proposal before Winnipeg.

Jet's fans take this only because they've got so many d-men on their depth chart and even more coming up through the system. I actually doubt that Jets GM would make this trade. If Simmonds was a consistent 25 goal scorer I think it would be easier for the Jets to pull the trigger on this one, but that's far from being the truth.

Simmonds scored 28 goals his first year here, paced for 27 goals in the lockout year and is on pace for 27 goals this year. At least get your basic arithmetic right before coming in here to sneer at us.

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