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01-05-2014, 04:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Damaged Goods View Post
Simmonds scored 28 goals his first year here, paced for 27 goals in the lockout year and is on pace for 27 goals this year. At least get your basic arithmetic right before coming in here to sneer at us.
And look at all the points Kadri and Gagner were on pace for last year. I suppose they're first line players too?

I really enjoyed lasts season. I enjoyed watching my team move forward with a rookie coach about a month into this season I realized that the performances of any and all players who didn't make the playoffs meant absolutely nothing.

Sadly, Kadri(if you're a Leafs fan) is on pace for only 46 points and a whopping -22 while Gagner(if you're an Oil fan) is on pace for 30 points and get this...... you're not going to believe it... .MINUS 40!!!!!! AHHHHH!!!! *Pulls hair out*

Anyhoo to help you understand how much more Buff is worth. Let's look at simple stats here.

Buff averages 26 minutes per game.
Simmonds averages 16 minutes per game.

While Buff's -11 is worse than Simmonds' -4, Buff plays a lot more minutes. There are very few d-men in the NHL who should be playing that many minutes and Buff does it while being on pace for 60 points. 1/3 of them being on the PP.

Anyone in Philly's position would be crazy to turn this down because there aren't ANY other 6"5 265 pound players capable of putting up 60 points and clearing the net while playing 26 minutes per game.

A player of Buff caliber is not comparable to any of the pieces coming from Philly in the OP and that's exactly why I think that Philly fans are the last who could say they're not getting the better end of this deal.

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