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Originally Posted by RangerBoy View Post
Girardi and Callahan become problems when you're paying them for the next 6-7 years. Look at them now and project their play in 6-7 years. That's the issue. Callahan missed nearly 4 weeks with the knee but he looks to be a shell of the player he was. It can't be all about the rest of this season. Gorton becomes the GM or any GM in his position(Slats will be 71 this year) and he needs to be given 5 years to win the Cup. Its not an overnight process. You will never get there if its all about this year. 5 year plan. Sather has had 14 years. If there is a succession plan in place and I'm Gorton,I would have major impact on what moves are made going forward. More than usual. He was involved with the Lundqvist talks. The contract talks are his job. Stepan and Lundqvist were always at the top of the list. I got the feeling it was we'll get to the other guys later. Those guys aren't signed and its January. There was some disagreement on Richards. Louie Jean reported that. The front office was split on keeping him for this season. Sather wanted to keep him. Glen said Richards was distracted because he negotiated the CBA. The Rangers amnesty him in June and its no longer a problem. Signing a player long-term becomes Gorton's problem.
That is the issue that most of us in favor of moving Girardi and Callahan are most concerned about. If Girardi is willing to take a 4-year, $21 million deal, sign me up, since I think you'll get 3 solid years before that deal becomes an albatross. But, if you are not going sign either player, deal them and don't waste an asset. Because when both players hit the open market someone will be foolish enough to throw a Wideman/Clarkson deal in their direction.

The fact that Gorton is handling contracts, and the fact that neither deal is done gives me hope that Gorton does understand the issues at hand, and why I believe both players could be dealt if nothing is done by the deadline, regardless of where the Rangers are in the standings.

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