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Originally Posted by g04tm4n View Post
Thank you so much for your assistance and effort. CCM is what I am trying to get away from, I do not like the feel of the skates, I prefer Bauer, and would also consider Easton, but I know absolutely nothing about easton skates. I am fairly sure that there is not a single Easton skate in my country.

What I am essentially looking for is an intermediate level skate, any one that would work best for me. if you have any suggestions, please advise?

Would EE not be slightly too wide in Supreme? I am off to the rink now for a free skate session, I will be using my CCM u+ 04 size 7 D. Usually I just tie them up very tight and ignore all the pressure points, I would rather skate than worry about a bit of pain. What I will do today is focus on exactly where the skate feels too tight, this might help, as I can then also measure with the footbed of it.

lol :p
So after today, the same thing, struggling to get decent support out of the skates, have to tie them about 3 times, I use a lace hook to get them tight, because that is how tight I need to yank the laces for them to work okay. The skate feels slightly tight around the wider part of my foot, not exactly painful, but it feels tight. the Length seems okay on the skate, so I guess a size 7 in supreme should do? I also have some pain in the heel area of one of the skates, but I think that is due to how tightly I did the skates up. Does this not mean that an E size might be a bit too wide?

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