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01-05-2014, 10:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Appleyard View Post
Kadri and Gagner both did that once, in a shortened season... not consistently, and dropped back down to usual/expected this year.

Gagner is a 45-50 point forward.
Kadri... who knows yet frankly, but most likely he is 50-60 player.

Simmonds hit 28 goals 2 years ago, paced for 27 last year and is pacing for 27 again this year.

Simmonds get stick around here... but we know what he is, a 2nd liner who is a PP specialist, can fight as well as most in the NHL PFP, is gritty and has his heart on his sleeve and will likely net 25-25-50~ most years.

If you take minutes in relation to +/- further and simply look at +/- per 60 and GAOn/60 Byfuglien is among the worst each year for top 4 D men in the NHL.

Amongst the ~90-110 guys who play 16+ mins EV a night in the NHL (so 20+ minutes overall, basically top 4 Dmen) Byfuglien has been in the bottom 30% in +/-/60 each of the last three years, and among the worst 10 in GAOn/60 each year as well.

2013-14: +/-/60 (72/90) GAOn/60 (84/90)
2012-13: +/-/60 (85/105) GAOn/60 (96/105)
2011-12: +/-/60 (85/109) GAOn/60 (109/109)

Basically he has been amongst the worst 10 top 4 Dmen from a defensive standpoint in the NHL... and has been that 'consistently'. And even putting up all those points he is still awful when it comes to +/-/60 compared to his peers.

His offence really does not cover his defensive liabilities... I would rather have a 35-40 point D man who can play D and play 2nd PP than a 55 point guy who does not know how to play effective defence... and is reallllllly big.

That is the reason he was never even close to being in discussion for Sochi.
Nice to see someone finally pull some advanced stats. Semi-advanced anyways. I guess it wasn't worth pulling out some corsi, fenwick, fenwick close, 5v5 or wowy stats, seeing as they contradict your position.

Also Buff was close enough to being in discussion that he was attended summer training camp. If he cried in the press about it like Bobby Ryan, do you think that would have made him seem "closer?" Are only olympians fit for your roster? When are you planning on getting one?

Originally Posted by Tripod View Post
He is the defendant equivalent to what Danny Briere was. Good on PP, bad at ES.
Actually, that's not what those stats tell you. I guess you assume everyone is as overwhelmed by the big numbers as you are, hey?

Originally Posted by Curufinwe View Post
How about this proposal: The Jets keep Buff for another two and half seasons, miss the playoffs three more times, and then lose him for nothing in free agency.
Someone's still bitter, hey? It's already been 2 years, 2 months 9 days and 7 hours since it happened.

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