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Originally Posted by Kwayry View Post
I know it's your opinion and you are entitled to it, but youa re wrong on some facts.
He has struggled for 2 years? Tell that to Torts when he was putting him as a top pair when Staal was injured and when he was on pace for 37 points season.
His shot accuracy, or lack thereof, has been addressed numerous times, he is about average for the NHL. There are multiple posts addressing this issue.
He is weak mentally? Starting as a 19 year old in the NHL for Torts and succeeding makes you mentally weak. I would argue the opposite.
Listen, you don't like Dz, we get it, but at least don't distort the facts.
And you still have not addressed the contradiction in your post, has he plateaued or does he need a change of scenery? Can't have it both ways.

Also he could have plateau'd but he is also bot being handled well by this staff and is being scratched even after good games. So it's reasonable to assume that A) he wont improvements on his career best and B)he can do better than what he is doing un this specific season

He got paid is current salary because of what he accomplished. The way he is valued by the org is not exactly as a 3rd pairing Dman and other teams would get him not as a 3rd pairing Dman. Yes he is being railroaded by AV and you are building your whole argument around that, but it does not take away from the fact that it's not what his value is, and it's not what he accomplished.
Your argument is essentially wishful thinking and revisionist history.
Tbf these are your opinions I bolded and not facts. For instance you seem to have an opinion on what two years is. Two years should include this year, last year and a part of the year that you mentioned but not the whole thing. Looking at this year and last year as the majority of these "2 years" he has regressed and the point was valid.

Succeeding under Torts = tough is an opinion.

It is possible that he plateau'd and won't develop past his best numbers offensively nor will he develop his D game further than he did in 11-12. But it is separately possible that he can do better than what he is doing now.

He is currently with a coach who has scratched him after good games for inferior players.
Has been simultaneously been put on his off side
WHILE maybe he is in a system that may not work with his skill set/ physical tools and brain.
For these reasons it is very logical to assume he could do better with a different coach.
It seems like you are letting what you perceive as his bias affect how you react to some of his legitimate points.

Of course tons of people only bring up valid points in a skewed manner as a way to further their agenda/opinion. But in this case the opinions he expressed are grounded in a very fair amount of reality

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